Monday, February 26, 2007

AGLOCO - An Online Opportunity from Heaven

Hello My Friends,

May the Peace be with you and welcome to my Blog!

Just recently, something sparked in my conciousness to write a simple blog about my Online Company where I am one of the Founding Members. This Company has a very great proposition in which for me is a 'Great Act of Generosity' that no one in this online world of internet has to offer. This proposition for me is 'One of the Remnants or Left-overs of Manna from Heaven'.

When someone introduced it to me, I carefully read the e-mail and was amazed in their proposition - Own the Internet! Wow, the company is offering me an ownership and shares with NO COST to me whatsoever! You know, I signed up immediately & told to myself, this is a "Blessing from Above just like Manna from Heaven".

From the day I signed-up, AGLOCO - A GLObal COmpany, is now part of my daily life just like many other Founding Members. I immediately told my friends, relatives and acquaintances of what AGLOCO has to offer in this world.

In joining AGLOCO, I begin to realize what this company could bring in my life. This would help me to speed-up the fulfillment of my dreams for my Countrymen and less fortunate brothers and sisters in my Country who were victims of calamities, poverty and injustice.

That's why I made a pledge that starting the first ever payout of AGLOCO in very very soon, I will give the 50% of my shares/income to Charity whether it is SMALL or BIG.

I know, that is kinda tough and hard decision I made in my life but this is for the Good Cause. I am offering it to Our God Almighty.

You know, I really admire all people behind my Company AGLOCO (Development Team and Investors) for creating and giving this opportunity in the net. This is really a Great Act of Generosity. Hats off to all of YOU! I am very optimistic that our goal of reaching 10,000,000 members will be attained very very soon. The released of Viewbar will be the catalyst of this goal.

Friends, AGLOCO is not one of those get-rich-scheme type Company but rather a Company that is giving us an opportunity to OWN it for FREE. Absolutely FREE: COST-FREE, HASSLE-FREE, SPAM-FREE! But since we are one of the Owners, we must Nurture it to GROW by Building our Networks, Day In and Day Out! Through these efforts, we will get what we deserve.

By promoting AGLOCO to others, I always bear in my mind that I am Helping them to Earn an Extra Income to Help themselves. We have a saying: "Give man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". This could be one of the core values AGLOCO is following to teach me how to fish and in return I am teaching others to fish also.

Friends, this opportunity is the First in the Net called "Internet's First Economic Network". If you are interested to join, just click here. If someone has referred you to this blog, you can click here then use his/her Referral Member ID# (as in ABCD1234). But if you want to know more about AGLOCO, you can click the AGLOCO Useful Links on the top left of this page.

Wow, if you've come this far, I really Thank You for your precious time spent reading my blog. You are one step closer in fulfilling one or more of your dreams for your family and community especially the less fortunate.



Founding Member - Shareholder
AGLOCO - A GLObal COmpany

Web Surfing or Smarter Surfing?

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One Company is trying to change this. The concept is so simple. Why not create an online community where advertisers pay U$? Instead of letting Google take all the revenue, let's take our share back!

  • Join AGLOCO - the Internet's First Economic Network and Own a Piece of Internet for FREE!
  • That is AGLOCO's (A GLObal COmpany) Proposition to every Citizen of the World.
  • It is absolutely FREE. Cost-FREE, Hassle-FREE, SPAM-FREE.

What else can you ask for?

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